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Energy Efficiency

At AV Windows we are conscious of the need to save energy within our homes. For a typical house, windows
have the largest impact on the energy efficiency and if not designed correctly they can allow substantial unwanted
heat or cold transfer between inside and outside.

The benefits of choosing an energy efficient or high performing window product including low-energy or double
glazing not only maintains your homes year-round comfort levels but can also reduce your heating and cooling bills.

The choice of energy effiecient glazing in particular allows greater flexibility in window placement and window
size allowing increased light penetration and maximised external views. In addition it reduces fading on interior
furnishings, reduces condensation and not to mention reduces greenhouse gas emissions and your homes carbon

AV Windows offers a number of options for your windows and doors which can assist in improving the energy
efficiency of your home or building project.

AV Windows, alongside Capral, is an accredited members of AWA's window energy rating scheme (WERS). On
completion of a project a WERS certificate for products manufactured by AV Windows is avalible on request.
For further information please visit the WERS website.

Download Glass Types and Energy Ratings >>

Download Frame Types and Energy Ratings >>

If a required product is not listed on the WERS or Viridian website please contact Austview for further information.